9mm-380cal 80grn Bullets 1,000pcs

9mm-380cal 80grn Bullets 1,000pcs
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Product Code: 9mm Lead-Free Bullets
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These are 100% lead free 80grn bullets for loading or re-loading.  They shoot incredibly strait and accurate, and are very well balanced. Heavy copper plated TMJ.

These are sold in 1,000 round heat sealed poly bags.

Will work for both loading 9mm and 380cal.  If you need help with loading specifications, powder weight and OAL we are happy to help. Please shoot us an email of what powder you are using and any specification you are trying to reach.

Note that although these are balanced for competition, is very hard to reach minimum power factor for certain competitions, If you are loading simply for target practice these are amazing bullets. 

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bullet_type lead-free TMJ heavy copper plated
caliber 9mm
condition new
count 1000
grains 80
product_type bullets

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