Russian Surplus

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3 Pack of Empty Ammo Crates
3 Pack of Empty Ammo Crates By popular request, we are now selling EMPTY wooden ammunition c..
Based on 4 reviews.
Bulgarian 7.62x54R 440rd Can
In Stock! Amazing Bulgarian Surplus 1980's production 7.62x54R.  steel case and full me..
Based on 39 reviews.
Russian 5.45x39 1080rd Can
Genuine Russian Surplus 5.45x39 ammunition. 1980s production, steel core, full copper plated steel j..
Based on 80 reviews.
Russian 7.62x54R 440rd Can
1970's production silver tip 7.62x54R. Copper washed steel case and full metal jacket. 147grn light ..
Based on 40 reviews.